It is one hundred years since the defining event of the twentieth century: the Russian Revolution of 1917. Workers, soldiers and peasants – the vast majority of ordinary people – shook off a centuries-old monarchy at the start of the year. A few months later, they seized power.

To celebrate this anniversary and discuss its relevance, Counterfire is proud to be hosting ‘Revolution’, a day long event with some of the most important commentators on the Russian Revolution from around the world.

The legend of the 1960s anti-war movement Tariq Ali and the convenor of the Stop the War Coalition Lindsey German are amongst the speakers. Leading international experts on the revolution, Tamas Krausz, Paul Le Blanc and August Nimtz will travel to London to participate.

Other participants include Stathis Kouvelakis, Professor Steve Smith, author of Red Petrograd, activists and writers John Rees and Chris Bambery, Kate Connelly and Judy Cox, cultural writer Owen Hatherley, and the editor of Counterfire’s paper, Alastair Stephens.

From the start, the Russian Revolution inspired controversy. Mainstream historians continue to rubbish the revolution’s achievements using Stalin’s smothering of the revolution to argue that it was always authoritarian and undemocratic.

‘Revolution’ will shed light on the emancipatory project at its heart and discuss what its history means for todays struggles.

The event will take place on Saturday 25 February, the anniversary of the first revolution of 1917. It takes place at the Rich Mix in East London

Meanwhile, the ‘Revolution’ website will bring you some of the best commentary and analysis of the Russian Revolution, following events as they happened in 1917.

If you want to organise a local meeting about the Russian Revolution, write an article or just ask us a question, please contact us. The establishment will do everything it can to bury everything 1917 stood for – we need to bring it to life as we enter another period of social and political turmoil.