Distorting revolution: 5 things Orlando Figes got wrong on Newsnight

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What makes for a Revolution? Debate on BBC Newsnight. Photo: BBC

Orlando Figes was enlisted by the BBC to trash the history of the Russian Revolution. In the run-up to Saturday’s Revolution 1917 event, Chris Nineham corrects some matters of fact Revolutions lead to takeover by demagogues The great bourgeois revolutions were the drivers of democracy. They removed tyrannical regimes and foreign powers including the monarchies…

This is what revolution looks like: Six Red Months in Russia

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Louise Bryant in 1917. Source: Wikimedia

The Revolution 1917 event is this Saturday 25th February at Rich Mix London. Louise Bryant, an American radical and journalist, wrote a stirring account of what she witnessed in revolutionary Petrograd. This is an excerpt from her book ‘Six Red Months in Russia‘…

Lenin’s State and Revolution

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Andy Warhol's Lenin

Lenin’s writing of State and Revolution was interrupted by the revolution of October 1917 - it offers crucial insights to those campaigning to change the world 100 years later, explains Paul Vernell…

Bolshevism and Islam

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Muslim fighters from Tatarstan join the Bolshevik Red Army in 1918.

The young Soviet Union took measures which were radical in giving power to indigenous people, including the Muslim peoples of Central Asia…

The road to 1917

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St Petersburg Soviet Assembly

The revolutionary events of 1905 profoundly affected the revolutionary parties themselves, argues Sean Ledwith…